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Natalie Melara | Multidisciplinary Artist
Natalie Melara is a multidisciplinary artist based in Mohkinstsis/Calgary, Canada. She is currently working towards her BFA at the Alberta University of the Arts and works as a photo retouch artist for an established photography studio.
Melara has also obtained technical training in fashion design (Olds College, Olds, Canada) and architectural design ( Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Calgary, Canada) which informs the curiosity, development and exploration of her practice.
Hebert Poll | Writer
Hebert Poll Gutierrez is a true son of culture and ideas he never forgets his roots: Cuba. Writer, storyteller and playwright. He has published eight books in different genres and his mission is and will be: Entertain and educate
Javier Vilalta | Performing Artist
Javier is a Mexican-Canadian visual performance creator, stage director, movement coach, and translator.
As a stage director, he has collaborated with companies such as Theatre Calgary (Gross Indecency), Sage Theatre (Scorched), Downstage (Lighting the Way), and Arts Commons (Mei-Mei’s Dream).
With the interdisciplinary ensemble 8ROJO, he has devised five interdisciplinary creations; with which he has travelled around Canada and as far afield as Mexico, Czech Republic, Sweden, France, Taiwan an
Cecilia Barboza | Visual Artist
Digital Storyteller, Architect, Mosaic and Glass Emerging Artist
Antares Ramirez O | Performing Artist
Mexican Artist, singer, actress, pantomime and dancer
Bryan Faubert | Multidisciplinary Artist
A NSCAD BFA graduate and just obtained his MFA from the University of Calgary. His works and creation thereof, oscillate between the studio, gallery, sanctioned public sites and the subversive landscape of the urban environment; cross-pollinating and referencing Graffiti and Street Art. A member of the Wolf-Sheep Arthouse Collective Faubert has an exhibition history which stretches across this nation and features Graffiti Expositions, Pop-Ups, Artist Run Centres, and commercial.
Yuli Carvajal | Visual Artis
Yuli Carvajal is a Colombian artist who’s being exploring different artistic techniques since she was very young. Currently, she chooses to paint with oil on wood and she is still experimenting with other materials such as fire, rocks, and recycling materials. Her paintings are realistic and she chooses to capture women as the center of her works.
Ameli Pereira | Performing Artist
Venezuelan actress, folk-dancer, choreographer and instructor. Ameli is exploring other arts like comedy, video editing, and digital narrative.
Vangelis Galanis | Performance Artist
Vangelis Galanis is a Greek shadow theatre artist and a researcher in the field of public theatre (MA, PhD). His art is characterized by the combination of traditional forms with modern shapes and techniques. He writes many of his own plays and also adapts stories and myths of world culture for shadow theatre.
Hortensia Barrios | Writer
Research Fellow, Language Research Center, University of Calgary, Canada
Applied Linguistics, Master’s Student, School of Languages, Linguistics, and Literature
Paloma Negra | Singer
Paloma Negra i s a singer from Mexico.
She is a professional singer of Mariachi, Banda, Rock, Pop and other Latin American music genres.
Wilmer Aburto | Visual Artist
Wilmer Aburto is a photographer from Nicaragua.
Wilmer is passionate about artistic projects that engage in social advocacy and inclusivity.
Rocio Graham | Visual Artist
Rocio Graham is a visual artist born in Mexico.
Rocio works primarily in photography, installation and art as a social practice.
Josefina Rodriguez | Visual Artist
Josefina Rodriguez Varela is a visual artist from Argentina.
Her work consists primarily of ceramic objects, drawings and paintings.Her current research and practice is a personal exploration of female sexuality and pleasure.
Maya Corona | Visual Artist
Maya is a Mexican artist based in Calgary.Maya Corona is a Calgary based Visual Artist. Watercolours and acrylic are her main medium. Her work is colourful and vibrant. She loves painting pets, florals, nature and everything in between.
Juan Cofré | Visual Artist
Juan Cofré is a Videographer from Chile.
Juan is a skilled video and photography editor and is the owner and director of The Filmica.
Maria Hoover | Visual Artist
Maria Hoover is a graphic designer from Mexico.
Since 2010 she has continued to work to build a vibrant inclusive community around the convergence of art, fashion and technology.
Claudia Chagoya | Multidisciplinary Artist
Claudia Chagoya is a visual and performing artist from Mexico.
Claudia works in a variety of mediums, including drawing, paper cast sculpture, embroidery and textile art.
Fredy Rivas | Multidisciplinary Artist
Fredy Rivas is multidisciplinary artist from Colombia.
Fredy’s practice includes sculpture and installation art, as well as public and community engagement.
Lily Sigie | Performing Artist
Lily Sigie is a performing actress and arts administrator from Mexico.
Theatre is her passion and she’s found a profession in Community Development through arts and culture.
Milena Vasquez | Visual Artist
Milena Vasquez is a photographer and graphic designer from Cochabamba, Bolivia.
Milena finds her inspiration in Canadian life and everyday objects. While her focus is on macro abstract photography, lately she’s enjoying exploring the art of street photography.
Juan Carlos Guzmán | Visual Artist
Juan Carlos Guzmán is a visual artist from El Salvador.
Juan Carlos’s art practice includes drawings, painting and sculptures.
Carolina Duran | Visual Artist
Carolina Durán is a visual artist from Bolivia.
Her colourful paintings pay homage to her homeland with a distinctive style. She works primarily with acrylic paint.
Jorge Torres | Visual Artist
Jorge Torres is a visual artist from Mexico. Jorge’s work reflects his fascination with the human body and its infinite capacity of expressing emotions. He works mainly with charcoal, ink and watercolours.
Dionna Gooding | Visual Artist
Dionna Gooding is an artist from Calgary, Alberta Canada. Her work is inspired from living in Scotland. Her work depicts pagan festivals, florals and pale portraits see in the National Portrait Gallery as well as pubs in the city of Edinburgh.
Ariadna Sly | Visual Artist
Born in Argentina, Ariadna Sly is an architect and artist with passion for finding abstraction in mundane situations. Ariadna participated in several art exhibitions with her abstract oil paintings.
In the last several years Ariadna devoted herself entirely to oil painting, where her passion for animals, especially horses, nature and abstraction is clearly shown. She’s inspired by the shapes and colours of the environment that surrounds us.
Dr. Geraldine Fuenmayor | Multidisciplinary Artist
A Venezuelan Digital Storyteller, Urban Planner and Modeler, Writer, actress and Artistic director.
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Dionna Gooding | Visual Artist

Dionna Gooding is an artist from Calgary, Alberta Canada. Her work is inspired from living in Scotland. Her work depicts pagan festivals, florals and pale portraits see in the National Portrait Gallery as well as pubs in the city of Edinburgh.