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Impact of Winter on Immigrants CONTEMPORARY ART ÊXIBITION

Theme is Climate Shock as immigrants in our traditions and habits that change

in the winter time.

Collective Exhibitions Multidisciplinary, (Performance Art, Visual Art, Literary Arts, new arts) A good part of immigrants come from lands where we only have two climatic seasons during the year: Sun t or rain.

For many of us it is the first time of the experience of seeing snow. Some of us have fun in the cold, others the cold makes us nostalgic for the climate of our back home

The impact of the winter for the life of the immigrant is a subject of radical change in daily lives affecting their traditions in these times and the way of interacting with others outside their homes.

With the theme of the exhibition, we intend to speak to the world as mental health that climate change can affect life in a transcendental positive or negative way through the vision of artists immersed in cultures and who know life in warm regions of the planet.

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