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Our Mission

We are SpanicArts -  a non-profit organization that gives support, creates connections, facilitates resources, and provides a platform to

Hispanic artists and allies to express their creativity, contributing to the artistic growth of the city and their own communities.

Our Vision

"A world where artists from all backgrounds, inspired by the Hispanic Culture, are able to engage in the art community, exhibit their artwork, and gain recognition by the communities at large."


Lily Sigie
Fredy Rivas
Milena Vasquez

  • Since 2018 SpanicArts has been supporting Hispanic artists in Calgary.

  • SpanicArts aims to build a community to share Hispanic culture through different styles of Art.

  • We have created several art exhibitions parte partnering with the Colombian Consulate and Grand Entertainment.


  • The SpanicArts community involves more than 50 artists.

  • We host workshops, art exhibitions, live concerts, and more events.  

Our Services

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