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Art Apocalyptica

Updated: Oct 7, 2023

The exhibition runs until October 7th 9pm

door opens week 5 to 9pm

weekend 3 to 9pm

Curator by

Yeisen Chang

Roberto Buendia

Fredy Rivas


Matt Brunning

Brian Bunny Batista

Dionna Brianne


John Ross

From Calgary, AB, John is a creator with a singular passion: to make art every day. John started really taking art seriously in October of 2020 after finding a book on portrait drawing at the thrift store (and having some extra covid-related free time). Eventually joining in person classes in July 2022 at Atelier Artista where he continues to build on the fundamentals in an academic environment. Currently John is working on “Turn of Phrase” a book of Illustrated idioms with over 100 unique drawings representing some of English’s most popular idioms. It is expected to be available near the end of september. To stay up to date, visit John’s website and join his mailing list!

Art Statement

The collection of works on display today were originally found at local thrift stores, John then paints his own androgynous characters into the scene with themes of perspective, human form, curiosity, and rebirth. John only paints over printed canvases, never painting over anothers original artwork.

"Ants in Time Square" New York City, New York

Thrifted printed canvas and acrylic paint Wooden frame

60cm X 90cm X 4cm


"The Pluck" New York City, New York

Thrifted printed board and acrylic paint Wooden Frame

68.5cm X 98.5 cm X 2cm


Email Address: Website: Instagram: @johnyayart Youtube: @johnyayart Tik Tok: @johnyayart Facebook:


Stacey Walyuchow

Stacey has always loved art. Whether looking at it, or creating, she finds it a welcome escape and highly therapeutic. She is passionate about grey skies, moody colour palettes and figurative and portraiture works illustrating women and the emotions that accompany them. Stacey’s medium and style has changed over the years. Her work is now predominantly mixed media collage with a strong emphasis on the story behind the end result. Her work is a combination of acrylic paint and printed stock photography that has been changed in colour with oil pastels. The paper pieces are then adhered to the surfaces. Stacey leaves many imperfections that occur in the pieces she creates as she feels they symbolize the imperfections found in all humans. No one is perfect, and isn’t that a wonderful thing?! Original art tells a story, it becomes you; it creates conversations and evokes many emotions. Stacey hopes her work will do that for you.

Art Statement

Stacey Walyuchow (1975 Calgary, AB) Inspired by experiences, memories, music and the many faces of women. My intention is to create stories and situations that break the passivity of the viewer by developing scenes that do not follow logical criteria. I want the viewer to feel a sense of wonder and a determination to figure out what each element represents. My work aims to provide a glimpse into those hidden places in our minds where we store the things we have yet to work through, things we believe we should forget, and those we long to remember.

Josephine, Around 8am on Monday

Medium: Mixed media collage

Size: 20"x24"

Concept: Part of a series work called ‘7 Days’, depicting the days of the week, the struggles they bring and the strength that comes along to help us through. The world is falling apart around her as she is falling apart herself.

Price: $700

Iris, Around Noon on Thursday

Medium: Mixed media collage

Size: 20"x24"

Concept: Part of a series work called ‘7 Days’, depicting the days of the week, the struggles they bring and the strength that comes along to help us through. A piece about being more than half through a lot of things and burning the past, while being afraid of the future that is uncertain.

Price: $1,500

Instagram: @artbystaceyw


Keith Joseph Springall

Keith springall is the letter carrier in Calgary pursuing art in his spare time. He is currently enrolled in Steve Houston's online program learning how to draw. Keith has a passion for both drawing and painting with an emphasis on figure drawing and the technique and construction of a picture.

Art Statement

I hope you enjoy my work. Thank you

Sassafras Landing

Gouache on me Tientes paper.

32"x32". (Frame size)

A surrealist figure drawing started in pencil finished in Gouache and acrylic.



32"x40"( framed size)

Figure drawing in pastel built into with gouache and compressed charcoal.




Jason Isaac

JasonIsaac is a fine art painter who graduated in 2013 from AUArts (formally ACAD)

Isaac is an optical painter and draftsman who uses geometric shapes, mathematics and a monochromatic pallet to create his unique paintings that are rendered entirely by hand. More recently he has has begun to create greater contrast by incorporating more vibrant colors alongside the grey scale seen in his previous work.


Acrylic on birch 20x24 $1000

He is available for commissions and can be reached at



Mide Kadiri is a multidisciplinary storyteller who uses art to tell complex and visual stories. The mediums he practices with are ink on paper, digital arts, literature, animation, film and video, painting, murals, and exhibitions. He has been into creating art since he was a child and he taught himself how to draw and color. He is currently a U of C and SAIT graduate with a major in film studies and video production. He has also worked on mural projects with YYC BUMP and the City of Calgary. Throughout 2023-2024, he will be working on his short, animated film with Quickdraw Animation Society. His film will screen at the GIRAF festival in November 2024.

Art Statement

love telling stories through drawings and paintings. I love making large pieces of art. Art has given me the ability to appreciate my surroundings, treat those around me kindly and reinforce self-positivity. Art has let me grow in ways I wouldn’t think. That’s why I create. To express the unfathomable. To communicate our unexplainable emotions and to connect our world of diverse peoples. The act of creation is a timeless natural phenomenon and humans have been gifted with the ability to create with color.

Only The Nowà

Ink on Arches paper 32" x 40"

Only the now is my illustration of bringing in the different experiences of time. With this piece, I brought together the past, present and future. Elaborated through ancient culture, modernism and speculation. I created the rendition of ancient Egyptian culture to represent the essence of the past. Ancient elements like pyramids are quite fascinating that they've existed for this long. The second element above the ancient Egyptian royalty and symbolisms is an illustration of a woman belonging in the futuristic setting. A different world set in the modernized way of life compared to the ancient Egyptians. Lastly, the last spectator is the viewer. The view represents the present. Each part of time is necessary to experience this full piece.


Altruism Ultra

Ink on Arches Paper 32" x 40"

Altruism Ultra is a symbol of the complexity and togetherness of creation. The creation of everything. It is nature combined with the vastness of the ocean and all its life, the clouds among the skies and the stars. My inspiration for the visual is to represent the connection between our universe and the world beyond. It is the world of the creator, our universe and all the beauty in our world.



Gagan Sandhu

Gagan Sandhu is a contemporary figurative artist working and living in Calgary, AB. Her work looks into South Asian existence in a modern world. She combines portraiture with collage as a foundation of this exploration, often folding and distorting the figure by overlapping paper with paint onto wood panels. She does not know the outcome of the piece when she starts, but it evolves in layers as she plays with realism and abstraction, the dream-like and the flesh-like.

Both ways

Acrylic and paper on wood panel

12 inch x 12 inch

Price: $300


Sinéad Ludwig-Burgess

As one of the youngest female Canadian sculptors working with welded public art, Sinéad Ludwig-Burgess continues to create surreal artworks that question the viewers’ notion on space and the human body. In addition to her sculpture practice, Ludwig-Burgess operates a unique small business called plant.metal (@plant.metal). This small business showcases hand-made welded steel sculptural plant holders, which incorporate upcycled materials like scrap metal and repurposed items. With plant.metal, Ludwig-Burgess embraces the conscious effort of transforming waste materials into aesthetically pleasing objects that serve both artistic and functional purposes. There is an environmental imperative behind Ludwig-Burgess’ work which also influences the creative and construction process. Another extension of Ludwig-Burgess' art practice is @forgivemefatherforiamsin. This platform focuses on intersectional feminism, sex positivity + taboo-based content and artwork. Through this initiative, Ludwig-Burgess aims to create an educational platform where she promotes her artwork for sales and exposure. 10% of @forgivemefatherforiamsin proceeds go towards FGM victims' reconstructive surgery carried out by Dr. Marci Bowers and her medical team during their mission trips in Kenya. To donate to this charity please visit FGM charity.

Art Statement

The sculptures, “& I wake up alone” and “Descend into her Shadows”, displayed in this exhibition are a reflection of the emotional impact that the pandemic has had on our society and the individual. It is evident that with recent events, that the last few years has forced us to change the way we relate to others and ourselves. Themes of mortality and resurgence are powerful and relevant to the times we are living in. My sculptures depict a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and the ability to adapt to new ways of thinking and being.

& I wake up alone

2023, mixed media,

various dimensions,


Descend into her Shadows

2023, mixed media, various dimensions, $2500.00 (white plinth not included)

To see more of Sinéad Ludwig-Burgess’ artwork please visit

@welding_princess403 @plant.metal @forgivemefatherforiamsin


Lexi Rae Hanna

Lexi Rae Hanna is an established Tattoo Artist in Calgary who started on her career path in 2009. She has always dabbled in paint and has found the correlation between tattooing and painting has helped her intuitively develop her own style that has a consistent flow in both mediums. From landscapes to florals and skulls, call it imaginative realism. She specializes in Restorative tattooing and offers 3D realistic nipple tattoos for Breast Cancer survivors and the transgender community; helping anyone who has lost a nipple for any reason. She is recognized for this niche work and collaborates with local plastic surgeons to ensure patients get great nipple tattoos.

Art Statement

My name is Lexi and I'm a Calgary-based painter. I'm captivated by the play of light and shadow and strive to capture an atmosphere in my works. Imprimatura lays the foundations, before I begin to build up layers of glazes with warm and cool tones. For me, painting is a journey of exploration—the process from the beginning lines to the finished product is beautiful and dynamic. With each stroke I inch closer to something recognizable, exposing what I hope is a captivating scene.

'Love Bomb'

Oil on Canvas,



'Shit Talker' 2020

Oil on Canvas panel, 11x14, NFS

Lexi Rae Tattoo


Mat Cedar

Spiritual Intellect

Art Statement

I made this piece as a statement to where I stood during the COVID PANTOMIME - I stood in peace with clear vision as to what was happening around me. Unaffected by the spiraling chaos ensued - this work is titled "Eye of the storm" in context with clairvoyant inner-standing.

Ojo de Tormenta

Mixed media - acrylic + cotton linen + pine 45”x45” Saint-Amigo



Lobsang Tseten

Born Born in a small hill station in Darjeeling, India, Lobsang Tseten took the paint and brush at the age of 13. He comes from a long lineage of artists who have been involved in the art craft for generations. He is a fourth generation artist. Under the guidance of his father, Lobsang learned traditional Tibetan fine arts (Thang-ka-drawn geometrically by interpreting holy scripts in pure Tibetan rare ground stone colors). He incorporates traditional Tibetan methods, symbols and colors on contemporary subject matter in his work.

Art Statement

Most of my paintings are a fusion between traditional and contemporary art. My painting incorporates mythical emblems and symbols encompassing contemporary objects while leaving the subject as universal as possible. The colors play a special role in most of my artworks holding specific meanings. Blue is associated with purity and healing, white is the color of wisdom and represent cutting the delusion of ignorance. Green represents nature and symbolizes balance and harmony. Fire is the natural element complementary to the color red, orange and yellow. These colors represent life force and preservation.


Medium=Oil & Acrylic on canvas.

Size= 36” X 36”.

Price= $ 2200


Christian Sanchez

Christian Sanchez is a Calgary born artist that works in his private home studio. Some may know him as “The Engineer” in recognition of his years of work in the energy industry after graduating from Engineering at the University of Calgary in 2013. His artistic talent was well known through his childhood and adolescence, but art was absent from much of his early adulthood. Since 2015, with a rediscovered passion, Christian has made accomplishments in charcoal art, tattooing, and painting. He continues to expand himself and explore new mediums. The world of art and creativity still feels completely new to him. “I’m only 8 years old in art years.”

Art Statement

Adam’s Creation is a piece that ties together various references from the past, pop culture, and technological development. It is a homage to The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo, which speaks to the relationship between the creator and the created. The bible speaks of humans as being made in God’s image. Looking at technology, we can learn much about ourselves. Just as we all have clues within ourselves as to what is God, technology has clues about us. In the book “Origin”, by Dan Brown, it explores the idea of technology as an organism, evolving quickly, and becoming a new dominant species. In the age of AI and quantum computing, organic human tissue might become obsolete. With “consciousness” still being a debated term, what will consciousness look like in the future? Can we exist in the networks of chipsets and processors? I chose the human hand to be male, tense, and strained. War and struggle fueled the fires where technology has been forged. I chose the robotic hand to be feminine. I feel femininity further unfolding and stepping forward from the shadows. It is soft and strong. There is also a subtle nod to the Sci-fi Drama “Gattaca” (1997), a world where genetic modification is standard procedure. There is a scene where the protagonist observes a pianist playing a piece that is only possible with 12 fingers. With that, I think the future will continue to bend limitations, surprise us, and continue to push the envelope of what’s possible.

Adam's Creation

Medium: Acrylic on Wood Panel

Size: 36x48"

Concept: Man's relationship with technology

Price: $13,400



Joseph Denny

Joseph, Raised on Calgary streets, initially with a planned entry into, previously named, Alberta College of Art, and just stepping out of the International Baccalaureate Program, found experience instead though the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology and the offset print industry. Expanding into signage, branding, graphic design and then into automotive commercial and custom automotive graphics and installations. Two and a half decades in the industry and Two decades operating his own local business, Joes style gained ground in the background of the daily creations for his clientele. All throughout Joes development, the continual abstract instinctual ink drawings surfaced time and time again. With the style being relentless, Joe finally leaned into the expression to find out why it consumed so much of his being. With the gnosis that each design encapsulated that time in space, each drawing took the name of the date created. Translating these drawings now into vinyl prints and multimedia creations, Joe is allowing the style to develop a voice.

Art Statement

Interpreted Instinctual Imagery. The metaphysical representation of the fall of the construct and rise of what is, specific to the space designated by the pieces name. Not bound by individuality rather reflective of an expansive connective natural network.


Medium: Vinyl Print

Size: 21 3/4" x 25 3/4"

Concept: Inter connective instinctual expression of a particular point in space bound by no singularity.

Among the living. come find me.


Jai Benteau ( Aka Zephrÿm )

"For as long as I can remember, art and the creative process have been a fundamental cornerstone in how I choose to move through the world. My life has had many varied paths, each providing new context, inspiration and fuel for this creative fire that burns deep in my soul. I identify as an interdisciplinary artist who is passionate about blending visual and performance art with auditory landscapes and immersive environments. The thread that ties them all together is a deeper soul connection to spiritual identity and self-knowledge."⁠ ⁠ A graduate of the Alberta University for the Arts and the International Academy of Art & Design in Montreal, Jai has had a dynamic and creative impact on events, productions and performances over the past 20 years. From his leadership roles in Calgary's Le Cirque de la Nuit to his onstage performances in the powerhouse performance groups Bass Caravan and Ethoterra, Jai's creativity has helped shape the face of the Calgary underground arts scene.⁠ ⁠ "My art tells the story of my soul. It speaks to my truth and the inspiration that fuels my spirit."⁠

"Felt Cute, Might Delete Later"

Medium: Acrylic Paint & Bedazzle Embellishments

Size: 30" x 40"

Concept: Felt Cute, Might Delete Later” is a social commentary on the juxtaposition of the human condition and its volatile effects on our planet.

Price: $860


Imagine Love

In the realm of artistic creation, Imagine Love emerges, a native of British Columbia, a spirited soul now rooted in the heart of Calgary's creative tapestry. With a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts, she wields the enchanting medium of clay, gifted from the Alberta University of the Arts, as her chosen vessel. Clay, to her, is a mirror of our world's tempestuous dance, where chaos and order entwine. She delves into the depths of personal autonomy, explores the intricate fabric of femininity, wrestles with morality's intricate threads, and shoulders the weight of societal expectations. In her hands, clay becomes more than mere substance; it metamorphoses into a canvas, receptive to the whispers of her spirit. Her creations, both utilitarian and sculptural, are vessels of emotion, cryptic rebellions, carriers of laughter, and surges of vitality. Imagine, a true artisan of the heart, weaves a distinct narrative with clay, treating it as if it were delicate fabric rather than earthly clay, yielding a profound yet elegantly simple resonance. While she is renowned for her creations of ceramics, she is also a wanderer in the realms of installation, drawing, painting, and sculpting, crafting her artistic identity through a wide array of artistic channels.

Art Statement

Despite the assertion of autonomy, we find ourselves ensnared in the labyrinth of guidelines necessary for survival, the obligations of employment, and the societal norms we perpetuate. Regulations dictating who we may become, instructions on the art of human existence, as members of various social constructs, the roles of woman and man, the binary confines, and the trappings of childhood. We are instructed on how to conform to binary standards, and even how to fulfill the duties of citizenship within our place of origin. These rules are both upheld and enforced in part by our own volition; we are our own custodians of conformity, yet paradoxically, we experience the illusion of freedom. Could it be that we are involuntary byproducts of our perceptual systems? Autonomy, the pursuit of self-liberation from the shackles of imposed roles based on gender, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, and more, beckons us. Can we genuinely sever the bonds of these predefined roles thrust upon us? Should we even endeavor to do so? Is there a fine line between acknowledging our roots as sources of identity and connection and recognizing them as instruments of oppression? Does the concept of absolute autonomy deprive us of the vital touchstones of anthropology, geography, the natural world, and spirituality? My artistic endeavors delve into the profound realm of human autonomy, probing the intricate web of directives that govern our existence—be the elements that constitute societal constructs, the relentless currents of socio-economic forces, the ancestral echoes of anthropological heritage, or the geographic landscapes that frame our lives. In this exploration, I seek to unravel the delicate threads of agency that weave through our choices, shaping the very essence of our being. Art emerges as the conduit through which we harness the narrative, without forfeiting the connection that defines our intrinsic essence. It dwells within the interstice of unbridled chaos and the illusion of autonomy. We labor upon the raw material, and, in turn, the raw material molds us. Art becomes our teacher, illuminating the intricate tapestry of our self-relationship and our connection to the elements we consider external to ourselves.

Barbie Girl,

Mixed media

13” X 7.5” X 13”

Feminine Identity




6”X 5.5” X 8”

Social Responsibility



Myke Buckingham

Myke Buckingham is a professional artist born and raised in Calgary Alberta. He received his BFA in 2013 from AUarts/ACAD specializing in media arts and digital technology .His work focuses on found object sculpture and the reorganization of language systems. He is currently represented in Alberta by Kanishiro gallery in Calgary.

Art Statement

I create found object sculptures and iterate them into recursive motifs, creating works that become personal identity symbols. Understanding the connection between reorganization of language symbols and found objects is the focus of my current practice.


316L stainless steel, hardwood, aluminum

5" X 7" X 2"

$ 1.400.00

IG: Mykebuckingham


Enoch Chan

Enoch began his graffiti career in 1993 after spending most of his childhood immersed around art. Having grown up in a family with many forms of artists, it was only natural for his own creative ingenuity to shine through at a young age.


Maui Oil


Fire is hot


Arson 2

Kelowna Oil

Fire is hot




Amy Gaulin

Amy Gaulin combines illustration, realism, and imagination in her charcoal drawings. Her inspirations are details in nature that stimulate her curiosity about life cycles. She received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with distinction from the Alberta University of the Arts. Amy currently makes art in the Milk River valley of Southern Alberta.

Art Statement

Spacetime Foam and Shadow Self are passing thoughts captured in charcoal. They are curiosities about death and new life, memories of current and past love, and awe for the very big and very small scale of nature.

Spacetime Foam

Charcoal on paper

24” x 16”

A drawing pondering what materials we are made of in life and what materials we become in death


Shadow Self

Charcoal on paper

24” x 18”

A drawing capturing visuals and thoughts from my stream of consciousness


Instagram: amygaulin Facebook: Amy Gaulin - Art


Elena Bushan

I am a professional visual artist and muralist living and working in Calgary, Alberta. My work has been featured in shows in Canada and Europe and can be found in many private collections around the world. My interest in drawing and painting began in early childhood, and I was accepted into art school at age eight. I studied fine arts for more than 15 years in my country of birth, Moldova, before moving abroad. Painting became more than my passion; it is my way of living now. I cannot imagine a day passing when I am not expressing myself artistically through my paintings, drawings, or sculptures. My art is driven by emotions, feelings, passions, or dreams of the moment, muses which always inspire my best work. I like to combine both realism and abstract art in my art, and I work in various techniques: oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media, alcohol ink, charcoal, pastel, digital art, and clay. I am continuously exploring new media.

Wake up

Mixed Media


Concept: "In the past, many tyrants and governments wanted to hack millions of people, but nobody understood biology well enough, and nobody had enough computing power and data to hack millions of people. Neither the Gestapo nor the KGB could do it. But soon, at least some corporations and governments will be able to systematically hack all the people. We humans should get used to the idea that we are no longer mysterious souls. We are now hackable animals. Today we have the technology to hack human beings on a massive scale. Everything is being digitalized. Everything is being monitored" Dr. Yuval Noah Harari, WEF

$11 100.00



Liam Chung

My name is Liam and I like to make things. I graduated high school in the international baccalaureate art program and continued my education in fine arts at the university of Calgary. I work with various mediums but my favorite as of late are paper, acrylic/ liquid acrylic, and of course, tattoo ink. My wife gifted me a tattoo machine about 10 years ago and I’ve been in the industry since. I am currently established in my own private studio, hanging out with the best people that share their love of art with me.

Plastic Paradise

Medium: plastic bottles and paper, ink Size: 11x15

Concept: designed with recycled material, two bird friends hanging out in a world made of plastic.

Price : 350 + gst

Fun Guy

Medium: cardstock, crepe paper

Size: 18x24

Concept: a fun guy rising to the occasion while nature takes him over in form of mushroom

Price: 650+gst

Check out my work @liamchungtattoo


Áran McCormick

Áran McCormick is a multi disciplinary artist, with practices in painting as well as combine and assemblage art. Relying on skills attuned in design, construction, drafting and drawing, Áran conceptualizes the amalgamation of vintage and new, simultaneously nostalgic and surreal, to create art that is unusual yet aesthetically interesting. Introducing accents of paint or other coloured items along with hardware, industrial objects, or the otherwise mundane, highlights the assemblage of objects enhancing the overall composition. His art plays with tension, weight, physics, composition and colour, ascribing new context and meaning to the subjects and their relationship with each other.

I make art that comes from my soul

One light and 24 legs

Sculpture, mixed materials,

64"x 48" " 48" ,

assembledge art with acrylic paint and found objects.




Matt Brunning is a professional man who is all about the family business. It is well known that Matt had outgrown the elementary complexities of spoken word language at an early age and was drawn naturally to the dialectic perplexities of the more refined visual arts in order to get a point across. It could be said that, for the most part, art has served Matt primarily as a voice when he didn’t want to talk. Mr. Brunning currently resides in the city of Calgary Alberta where he makes a living drawing on people with permanent ink at his shop in Kensington called Goodnews Tattoos.

Art Statement

The project was a concept conceived of my grad year in college a decade ago. I find no purpose for art, greater than bringing people together. Pushing peoples buttons rings in a close second. It’s all about balance.

Ordo Novis Seclorum

Hardboard, aerosol spray paint and gemeralds

31” x 53” x 2”




Burlap and wax shelled over a metal exoskeleton

Life size Mortality


@handsome_tattoos @play_on_random


Jennifer Peters

Jennifer Jean Peters is a true artist. She is obsessive, dedicated, passionate and gifted with a rare transparency within her work. She is not afraid to get dirty, to be “ugly” or to express those raw emotions we fear or suppress. It is through these honest, at times disturbing explorations that she sheds light on “closet” issues such as domestic violence, abuse and the marginalized. Her prior exhibit at the Little Gallery was an exploration of the stigma surrounding the pervasive effects of trauma, consisting of a series of fridge doors plastered with graphic poetry and Polaroid images documenting injuries painted onto the artist’s body. There was also a beautifully painted series of portraits on a large-scale rug, depicting raw expressions of grief cast onto the floor of the gallery with an invitation to those viewers in attendance to simply tread all over it, as we, as a collective society, tend to do with these “ugly” emotions. However, unlike many "dark" artists, Jennifer exists and advocates for a life filled with hope, through healing, faith and an ultimate decision to embrace light. In fact, light and beauty permeates much of work and her current trajectory as an artist. Her stunning collection of mixed media photographic montage is the culmination of countless hours spent by the artist in studio refining, selecting and combining visual imagery over the past couple years. These images were captured in her travels, back-country rambles, urban forays downtown and abstract experiments - outdoors, in studio and otherwise. These images were then translated to the canvas as giclees and further rendered in oil paint, octane, pastel and acrylic latex. Her passion for finding beauty within the difficult translates to the three dimensional. Assemblage sculpture is a process of redeeming what has been lost and finding beauty within what has been discarded. Her latest large-scale sculpture, entitled "Strelitzia Azureous” has been a labor of love, a visceral depiction of the wild untameable spirit within every creative soul. For further information on Jennifer's ever-expanding body of work and events; please feel free to follow her on Instagram: @jenniferpetersart or browse her through her website at

Art Statement

I am haunted by imagery. From the moment I wake until my mind drifts to sleep; my thoughts are ever held captive by beauty. Beauty within every aspect of our existence.... the raw, the "ugly," the minute - these moments encapsulate what it means to be human. An artist must be transparent, authentic, vulnerable; if the process does not involve risk or fear, then he or she has failed. In this respect, every work of art is a self-portrait, not so that any single individual can bask in the glory of the ego, but so to grant permission for others. Art is a process of dying to the constraints our culture has engendered, the societal masks we bear and embracing the artist we all carry within our spirits. In this sense, every work of art is a revelation of the true self for the benefit of the viewer who chooses to engage with a given piece. The world needs this expression, particularly in the wake of our current pandemic, as the art of grieving has been largely lost within our drive for material success; a success that for many, has been utterly destroyed.


Grief, Oil Paint, Octane, Acrylic Latex Paint, Photo

40 H x 60 W in.

This piece was birthed in childhood trauma and rendered following the sudden death of my son Anthony back in the spring of 2018. There is life beyond this grief; there is hope for those who seek healing.


Angela’s Ashes

Oil Paint, Ashes, Artist, Timer, Acrylic Latex Paint

36” H x 21” W

This piece is a visual depiction of how the artist overcame her shame surrounding the human figure. For many years, the artist’s canvas became her body; a surface upon which she could explore the depths of her pain and the recesses of a mind caught in the turbulence of anxiety and despair. It is the ashes of her experience as a child, a teen and young woman that cling to the paint within which she eventually emerged.


Strelitzia Azureous

120” H x 168” D x 50” W/ 120” W

Piano Keys, Mattress Springs, Axels, Chair Legs, Local Fauna, Driftwood, Horse & Cow Skulls, Upcycled Metal, Bike Wheel Rims, Antler Sheds, Armor, Crane

$10 250.00

Aquamarine Blue

32” H x 18” W x 18” D

Mixed Media



95” H x 29” W x 32” D


Red Rose

89” H x 24” W x 24” D

Mixed Media


Raven’s Wing

29” H x 15” W x 11” D

Mixed Media



14” H x 15” W x 15”D

Mixed Media



Facebook: Jennifer Peters Art

Online Gallery:


Bunny aka Brian Batista

Brian Batista, known as “Bunny”, is a multi-disciplinary artist who currently works in Calgary. He loves making marks and creating art. He recently finished a term as president of the Calgary Allied Arts foundation. His studio and art school in cSPACE Marda Loop where he teaches a variety of courses as well as figure drop in with a live model multiple times per week. You can find out more info at

Art Statement

Preferring to take a more optimistic view of the theme of this show “Coming Into Being” is inspired by iconographic depictions of Krishna playing a flute while dancing on a lotus. Krishna represents the idea of divine love, with human life and love as a reflection of the divine. In this depiction he is playing his song as it brings life into existence, plants growing up his form from the primordial depths of earth below.

Coming into being

Medium: Oil on canvas,

Size: 36” X 60” Price:




You tube channels:


Twitter: Linked in:



Doug Driediger

Doug Driediger is a mid-career artist - a juried member of Canada’s Society of Painters in Watercolour, a muralist, artist of many mediums, and nationally recognized graphic designer. He considers his work to be autobiographical, whether it is based on the human form or not. He has had a long fascination with birds; their symbolic, ethereal forms to him are evocative of the spectrum of human experience, elevated to the sublime.

Art Statement

These paintings, “Wingspan” and “Magpie Funeral” both arise from the recent loss of my life partner. The works are both explorations of what remains and what may lie ahead - grief and hope channeled into the creative process - analytic, cathartic, and aesthetic. Birds are my spirit guides, my soul state metaphors. I see myself as a magpie.


Mixed media

96" x 26"


Magpie Funera

Mixed media

18" x 12"


IG dougyyc


Emily Hughes

Emily Hughes is a visual artist born and raised in Calgary, currently studying Fine Arts at the Zurich University of Arts in Switzerland. Her inquisitive nature has led her down many paths of exploration in a variety of mediums.

Art Statement

Bodies suspended in deep black pools, lit by a pallid lunar light. I used the figure, a subject I enjoy, to explore emotion and identity. Light is employed to develop atmosphere and mood, along with an abundance of lost edges and a monochromatic color palette.

Blue Moon Series

Measurements: 4”x4”, 4”x5”, 3”x5”, 4”x4”, 4”x5” (5 wooden panels total) Media: Oil Paint on Birch panel

Price: $100 each (5 panels total, each individually $100) – Special price for the full set of 5:


instagram: @emi1ze



Dave Reilander

Baron von Reilander is an avid painter, illustrator, large and small-scale sculptor, as well as a special effects makeup artist specializing in monster makeup and gore effects. He attended the Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) where he majored in glass blowing and animation. He currently works full time as the head sculptor at Studio Y Creations, a world renowned sculpture manufacturer. On his own time he engages in freelancing, creating art that caters to a diverse range of clientele, spanning from freak shows to hotrod enthusiasts. In every venture he undertakes, Baron von Reilander continues to redefine low brow artistry, infusing his distinctive touch into every stroke, sculpted form, and makeup transformation.

By Our Own Hand

23 1/2” x 20 5/8”

Delve into a future shaped by our increasing reliance on technology and artificial intelligence. The artwork encapsulates the sentiment of inevitability expressed by the quote, "We're not going to make it, are we? People, I mean." from the prophetic Terminator franchise. $ 1500.00

Killbot Engaged!

14” x 13” x 8”
This sculpture embodies the terrifying future that our fascination with technology and robots might usher, bringing forth unintended consequences to humanity and ultimately our destruction.

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Dionna Brianne

Dionna Brianne graduated from the painting department at AUArts in 2013, currently she is in her 2nd year of tattooing at Goodnews Tattoos, her tattoos depict a more illustrative/neotraditional style, that she wishes to bring into her painting practice.


36' x 24'

Acrylic on birch panel




Kirsten Olivia

Born and raised in Calgary Alberta, Kirsten Olivia is a versatile artist specializing in custom pet portraits, which skillfully and lovingly preserve the unique spirit of each animal. In between portrait commissions you can find her turning clothing into canvases, showcasing wearable art behind vibrant booths throughout the city and beyond. Her unwavering love for animals and boundless enthusiasm for community engagement form the beating heart of her creations.


Entwined in desolation, my painting reflects a dystopian future’s stark beauty, provoking contemplation on society's choices and the echoes they’ll cast across time.


Media: Acrylic

Measurements: 28 inches (Round)

Price: $666

Website: NA (However I do have 2 instagrams I would love to use both.)

Instagram: @justkurdt @_kirstenolivia

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Chubs Johnson

Speak poison

Bones of a Dying world


Teika Hudson

Teika has always lived a life of art, forever trying to express and recreate the world around her. Mainly self taught, her unorthodox approach to art education has allowed her to pursue unique artistic passions in varying, unconventional ways. Citing a love of body art, Hudson began tattooing full time in 2004, and enjoys a multitude of styles. She owns a small private studio in NW Calgary, and is excited to continue building on a comfortable, creative space.

When creating simply for hobby and pleasure, she finds the most happiness in illustration, her heart leaning toward the comic books and cartoons of her youth.